International Fine Art Dealers

If you are an art enthusiast, you will want to know what’s going on in the international fine art world. Whether it’s a piece you’re interested in or a gallery you’d like to visit, there’s plenty of information out there on the internet about everything you need to know. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best resources.

Mary-Anne Martin

Mary-Anne Martin is an international fine art dealer and one of the top Latin American art experts in the country. She is the founder of Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, an exhibition and consulting company. The gallery’s latest offering is a series of installations of artworks by Mexican and Latin American artists.

In the early 1980s, Martin founded Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art. At the time, she was the head of Sotheby’s New York. As a result of her expertise, she was able to create an auction market for Latin American paintings. Since then, she has also created and supervised publications.

Folco Romanelli

The history of Romanelli Sculptors Studio is a long one. It began in the early nineteenth century with Pasquale and his son, Raffaello. Today, it is a family studio and a center for learning and sculpting. There are five generations of artists in the Romanelli sculpting family.

Folco’s great-great-grandfather was a sculptor and his grandfather, Vincenzo, was a painter. Both of these artists were very talented and they taught their children, Vittorio and Vincenzo, the traditional art techniques that are still in use today. In the mid-nineties, Folco decided to pursue a career in sculpture, and began dedicating his time to it. He drew inspiration from his life experiences and from the rich Florentine sculpting tradition.

Academy Fine Paintings

Academy Fine Paintings is an international fine art dealership based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. The company has a small but mighty staff of eight and an enviable track record in buying and selling some of the best and brightest works of art in the British Isles. Its forte is 19th century British oil paintings. If you are an antique collector with a taste for flamboyant Victorian style portraits, the company will be glad to oblige.

In a nutshell, the company specializes in Belle époque portraits, rococo era portraits, Victorian portraits and portraits from the Golden Age. The company also specializes in fine art photography and restoration. They have a team of highly skilled fine art conservators who are happy to oblige.


An international fine art dealer, Agnew’s has been a part of the London art world for nearly two centuries. In addition to its work in the old masters, the company also handles contemporary and modern paintings, as well as sculpture.

The firm has worked with some of the most famous artists and collectors in history. They have arranged for masterpieces to be placed in prominent galleries across the globe. It has handled many of the works of Caravaggio, Velazquez, El Greco and Van Dyck.

Founded in 1817 by Thomas Agnew, the firm has long played an important role in the growth of the contemporary British art market. Today, Agnew’s is owned by Lord Anthony Crichton-Stuart. His company is responsible for handling masterpieces for leading museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art.

Joseph Duveen

In the early 20th century, Joseph Duveen was the most successful art dealer in the world. He was instrumental in shaping the art market in America. His clients included the likes of Henry Clay Frick, Arabella Huntington, William Rockefeller, and Henry Altman.

After his father’s death in 1908, Joseph Duveen took control of the family business. He grew his company into a large antiques firm, with its focus on paintings. Some of the largest collections of Old Masters in America came from Duveen.

In 1919, Duveen was knighted. This was the first time an art dealer had received this title.

Jacques Goudstikker

Jacques Goudstikker was a prominent Jewish art dealer in Europe during the early 1900s. He specialized in Dutch and Flemish Master paintings. His gallery operated in Amsterdam.

During World War II, Jacques Goudstikker and his family fled the Netherlands, taking their artwork with them. However, a tragic accident in a trip to England caused his death. In 1940, he had made a loose-leaf binder recording his current art collection.

When Goudstikker died, his widow and heirs sought restitution for their assets. The heirs won restitution of several works. The remaining art pieces were auctioned off. These auctions paid for the legal fees associated with the restitution of the stolen artworks.

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