Some Fascinating Kitchen Cabinet Updates Can Help You Avoid Replacement!

There is a reason why everyone wants to keep their kitchen fresh-looking and clean. You make nourishing meals in this space to keep everyone, including you, in the best shape and form. Since the environment plays a critical role in maintaining proper hygiene, you want to achieve this by every means. While using clean cooking ingredients and utensils is essential, you must reevaluate all the other corners for dust, dirt, grime, grease, etc. At the same time, anything that looks tired and damaged should get a refresh. You can achieve this through two main ways – replacement or upscaling.

Suppose the old kitchen faucet leaks or loses its shine. You can search for Kraus USA best kitchen faucets and others to find a suitable replacement. However, if cabinetry looks dated, you can paint them, replace its hardware, or use inserts. Multiple possibilities are there. And once you update their appearance, you can apply the same trick to bathroom cabinets too. Let’s try the DIY stuff.

Herringbone design

Do your cabinets have slab doors? Draw four vertical lines on the door at equal distances. You get many melamine and wood edge banding in different sizes in hardware and craft stores. You can create banding strips at 45-degree angles on both sides to help them settle in the gaps between the marked lines. The angled cuts should go opposite directions in different sections to build visual impact. Banding strips can be of varied colors and materials to make things more interesting. If you have chosen stick-and-peel material, you can remove the adhesive backing and arrange them in the desired fashion. Once done with this part, you can seal the cabinet with polyurethane wood coating to add some glaze.

Buffalo plaid

Some people like farmhouse kitchen interiors and look for opportunities to maximize or apply this style. When you upgrade your cabinets, you can achieve this effortlessly by giving their doors a touch of buffalo check design. Paint the door white and let it dry. Make two-inch squares inside the inset panel. You can start from the vertical column on the extreme right and use painter’s tape to carve edges. Fill boxed enclosures with black paint in the alternative rows and wait for them to dry. Pull out the adhesive tape. Now, you can use painter’s tape to demarcate areas between black squares and color them gray. Alternate the pattern. The buffalo check design will be visible when you lift off the painter’s tape after the paint has dried.

Shutter effect

You can put your DIY skills to best use with cabinet upgrades when the cabinet doors feature recessed panels. You can use a craft board to match the inset panel’s inner area length. Add one board to the lower side of the door panel so it overlaps with the cabinet frame’s inside edge. Angle it a little upside. Use a solid adhesive to stick the board to the correct place. Like this, you can lay other boards overlapping the other in the whole inset panel.

You can also build a frame to surround the shutter design. Narrow wood trims will help in this matter. Let the adhesive dry so you can prime and color the cabinet door in your favorite shade. If you find an old-fashioned look attractive, you can apply layering and sanding techniques for the correct result.

Wallpaper insert

Paint the cabinet door with latex paint in a semi-gloss finish and wait for it to dry. You can seal the door and paper with a decoupage medium’s thin coat. If you have spare wallpaper, you can cut it to the size of the recessed panel and stick it to the board.

Intricate trimwork

Again, the options are varied and eye-catchy. You can check the door size with a measuring tape to understand the molding required to cover the perimeters. The four corners will have an equal length of embellishments each. You can size the molding strips with a miter box and color the cabinetry, decorations, and molding in the same shade. Secure all the pieces close to each other with glue. Let them dry to attach molding and decorative trims.

Cottage charm

Paint and simple decorative details can do the trick. You get wooden appliqués in craft and home improvement stores. Color them and glue them to the cabinet doors in the desired fashion. If you want the look to have an antique appeal, paint wash can help attain a distressed finish.


Dents and scratches may steal the beauty of your cabinet doors. These imperfections may convince you that you should replace them. But you can wear your DIY gloves and do some magic. Add cork paper to the door panel. You get many self-adhesive options. Try them. This upgrade will take only a few minutes, and you can use the cork surface more. Do you wonder how? Stick your recipes, lists, and notes here.

Some additional knowledge

When you take the upgradation task upon yourself, you worry about the choice of materials. You fear buying the wrong product and ruining the entire effort. For instance, you can be curious about the selection of the paint. Go for anything smooth and long-lasting. Satin or semi-gloss paint finish can be the best affordable option. Some may find high gloss paint more attractive. While durability is there, high glass colors can expose flaws. That’s why it’s better to keep them for professionals.

You get endless options in brands and colors. When choosing stains, you can use an oil-based variety to get the natural wood effect. The even finish looks visually appealing and can bear wear and tear. Some cabinets can have metal doors. Pick a metal-friendly paint finish for them.

You can save money. Depending on the cabinetry footprint in the kitchen, you can collect all the necessary materials. If your storage space is extensive, you may have to spend more time on them to revive their look. Nevertheless, some DIY hacks are fun to try and keep you happily engaged. Give these a chance when you are free Worldnewsite.

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