Bugsy Siegel’s Mansion is Up For Sale

Bugsy Siegel was a well known name in Hollywood some 75 years earlier. With the official name of Benjamin Siegel, the mobster was better known for his nickname as well as his effectiveness at being a hitman for the mob. In fact, Siegel did so well, he owned and lived in a cozy Beverly Hills mansion that today is now on the market, being sold by its current owners, Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Chalom.

The mansion itself covers a 7,000-square-foot plot located neatly on 810 North Linden Drive. Designed in a colonial Spanish style, it has lasted and been kept in top condition since it was built in 1928. While greater Los Angeles has clearly expanded around the original city boundaries, Siegel himself didn’t last so long. Unfortunately, he was killed in his own home, known as his girlfriend’s place, by a rifle-wielding assassin shooting him through the front living room window. Overall, Bugsy Siegal was shot nine times, and four of the bullets found their mark fatally. The assassin wasn’t far away either. Estimates at the time measured the shooting distance at approximately 14 feet from where Bugsy Siegal sat in his home at the time.

However, the morbid history of the home has long since passed, as the Siegel mansion has exchanged a few hands since. In 2003, the current owners, Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom, took possession of the property and made it their home. Today, the Siegel mansion still evokes its original build, with white stucco and Spanish tile on the entire roof. Inside, the interior is framed around a grand staircase and main entrance, and there have been plenty of modern amenities added since the original build.

Overall, Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom have a half-acre cozy Beverly Hills property that easily commands a comfortable view with a two-story design perched on a small hill. The backyard is contained with a high hedge for privacy, and the property is within walking distance of sites like the Beverly Hills Hotel and similar.

Visitors and potential buyers are going to find a very pleasant, brightly-lit home courtesy of the current owners. The property incorporates large bedrooms, good use of window light, and well-ventilated airflow. It has nothing that is typical of old homes with aging interiors and musty smells.

More than likely, the property is going to transfer fairly quickly, and someone is going to snap up a very comfortable and historical new home in Beverly Hills. They won’t be able to claim that it’s the same location as the movie, Bugsy, but the character focus of that film definitely did call the listed mansion home.

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