Carpet Stain Removal:Tips And Techniques For Dealing With Common Spills And Stains

Getting rid of accidental spills and stains off the carpet comes in handy. Whether it is wine, coffee, blood, ink, or pet smudges. However, there are two things to consider when trying to get the stains off. Is it a DIY service or seeking professional help?

Regardless, outsourcing for help from those who are skilled in the field is the best option to get that smear off your carpet. With Zerorez pros you can be sure of a clean and healthy home.

The following are cues and techniques to restore and brighten your carpet color after unexpected spills and smudges.

Tips For Dealing With Common Spills And Stains

Resist using warm water

For tinges like blood, candle resin, ink, gum, chocolate, coffee, tea, urine, adhesive, nail polish, etc. Don’t use warm water, as this will make the stain stick to the surface.

Wipe out the smear instantly

Get a hankie or kitchen towel to drape the area where the spills happened. Then make sure to press down firmly to consume the stain. Repeat this action with fresh paper towels until no further liquid can be absorbed.

Acting quickly when the spill just occurred makes the removal task easier and hassle-free. However, never start with scrubbing.

Exercise patient

Some stain removal can take time before becoming effective. Don’t rush to dry off the stain removal products a few minutes after spraying.

Cleaning products come with visible instructions, ensure to follow them to avoid unexpected damage.

Techniques For Dealing With Common Stains And Spills


A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is one useful appliance every homeowner should get. It can deal with wet spills and large amounts of debris. They are not prohibited from energy like regular household vacuum cleaners. Smears can be extracted easily with a wet/dry carpet sweeper, leaving you with what is now the actual stain which can be removed with your preferred cleaning mixture.

Make use of soda water

Sprinkle the club soda on the stain, brush it gently, and wash it off. For urine smear, spew sparkling water/club soda over the stain and let it settle for ten to fifteen minutes, and rinse. This technique is powerful in cleaning numerous household messes without damaging the environment.

Spray OxiClean

It can be mixed with your regular cleaning solution. All you have to do is to melt eight spoons of the powder into sixteen ounces of heated or warm water and heed the directives written on the brand.

Try Spirit/white vinegar

Mix up fifteen mL of distilled vinegar with fifteen mL of washing powder into two cups of warm water. Dip a cloth into the solvent and gently dab it onto the carpet. Use another clean cloth to blot the liquid and absorb the stain. Keep doing it until the stain is mostly dry.

Soak up the stain with ammonia hydroxide and foam

When using ammonia for your carpet be careful. It has high alkalinity which can shrink the color of your carpet or even damage it. Mix ammonia and soap in hot water and fill it into a spray bottle and shake it well. Drizzle the mixture on the stain and spread a clean towel on it. After this, use your iron(plug it into the electricity) to press the towel slowly, and if it goes well, repeat it until the smudges are gone.

Try hydrogen oxide

This is a whitening/bleaching agent that can help remove spills, stains, and dirt. Stir half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of water in a clean, empty spray bottle. It will weaken the smear, kill bacteria, and absorb odors.

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