FIFA 23 – Jamie Vardy’s Deserved Selection as an ‘FUT Centurion’!

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With more and more UT cards being added in FIFA 23, many players awarded with them are usually chosen based on hype, form, and achieved milestones.

Right now, the current promo, ‘FUT Centurions’, brings along new ones that improve the stats of footballers who are reaching or have surpassed more than one hundred (100) matches for club or in a league.

One such player is Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, who benefits from nice improvements to his in-game attributes as seen here:

(ST) Jamie Vardy’s ‘FUT Centurions’ Player Card: OVR 88 (+3)

  • Pace: 90 (+6)
  • Shooting: 90 (+6)
  • Dribbling: 83 (+4)
  • Passing: 78 (+8)
  • Physicality: 76 (+4)
  • Defending: 55 (+3)
  • buxic

Although 35 years of age, this new card marks his return to greatness, with his uncompromising pace and feared finishing rated amongst the elites!

Vardy can also play as a CF, using his Controlled AcceleRATE type to conserve stamina before bursting through opposition defences when the need arises.

Vardy has 4-Star Skills and a 4-Star Weak Foot, making him extremely deadly up front.

A dominant right-footer, Vardy has a High Attacking Work Rate too, always ready to pounce on the attack whenever the ball is back in your possession.

In-game, Vardy’s new card also offers a few profound traits:

  • Team Player
  • Outside Foot Shot
  • Giant Throw-In
  • Dives Into Tackles (CPU AI)
  • Chip Shot (CPU AI)

You can acquire this new version of Vardy by purchasing ‘FUT Centurions’ card packs that will last until 13th January 2023 (Friday).

To save the time, you can also find it on the Transfer Market, sold at around:

  • PS/ Xbox: 104,000 FIFA Coins
  • PC: 94,500 FIFA Coins

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