Four Reasons Why Waterfront Homes Retain Value

If you’re considering buying a waterfront property, you should know that these properties hold their value well. They can be a wise investment for you and your family for the following reasons.

First, they’re often worth more than inland homes due to their location and spectacular views. In addition, they offer an idyllic lifestyle that many people love.

Great Views

A great view can significantly impact home value, and waterfront homes are no exception. According to Zillow, a waterside home with an unobstructed view will fetch about 10 – 30% more than a comparable property that does not have a lakeside idea.

This jump in price can be attributed to several factors, including access to water. For example, a Lake Austin homes for sale will have a much higher access value than a property with a steep incline that requires a long walk to reach the beach.

If you’re considering building a waterfront home, consider the benefits of an open floor plan allowing total views from all rooms. You can also install corner windows that offer a panoramic view and help shield occupants from the sun’s glare.

A Great Investment

Waterfront homes hold their value well, often located in beautiful areas. This makes them more desirable as investment property, particularly when compared to inland properties.

Another reason waterfront homes like the homes for sale Lake LBJ are a significant investment is because they have excellent resale values. You can profit from your investment if you sell your home at the right time.

However, some risks can affect your resale value as well. For instance, climate change impacts rising sea levels and changes many waterfront communities’ landscapes.

Additionally, if you have a dock on your land, ensure it is permitted by your local government and is in a good location. Also, if you are buying waterfront property as part of an HOA, be aware of the fees that can come with it. These can add up quickly! If you need help, ask your real estate agent to look into this.

Ease of Access to Water

For many reasons, homes for sale Lake McQueeney are often more desirable than those on dry land. But one of the most compelling reasons is that waterfront property owners can feel close to nature.

A recent study showed that properties with a view of some body of water are worth nearly 80 percent more than similar homes without them. And this is true across almost every state.

Whether you can access your waterfront home to get to the water will make a big difference in how much you can ask for it. Research from Zillow found that access is a critical factor in the value of single-family homes on lakefronts.

A Great Place to Relax

The ability to relax while overlooking a gorgeous waterscape is a real treat. Whether enjoying a sunset cocktail on your private dock or spending the night around the fire with loved ones, it’s no secret that waterfront homes provide a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

One of the biggest reasons people buy waterfront properties is to escape it all. Often, they’re looking for a place to recharge their batteries and get back to what matters in life.

While waterfront properties may seem like a dream, research the details before deciding. For example, you’ll want to ensure your property stretches to the shoreline (and remember any other structures on or near the water). Also, research your homeowner’s association to know what it will take to maintain your home.

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