Grelinette: here are the advantages of this small bio-spade fork

The Grelinette is a gardening tool whose principle is that of the lever. It was invented in 1964 by André Grelin, who also filed the patent for it. The Grelinette is a spade fork equipped at its base with three to five bevelled, curved and pointed teeth, and two side handles.

How was a Grelinette used?

Let’s suppose you’ve just finished playing online casino slots for Canada, and now you want to use your new tool. Here is what you need to do: the user begins by placing the grelinette vertically in the ground in front of him. He then pulls the two handles that pass on either side of his body towards him, raising a clod of earth the width of the tool. Finally, he takes a step back, tilting the tool right and left, dividing the clod in two. Then he performs the movement again, but this time in the opposite direction. Fancy a Grelinette? The site is there to provide you with the most beautiful bioforks in France.

grelinette use

What is Grenette used for? And what are its advantages?

The grelinette is a tool that loosens the soil to create a smoother, less aggressive gardening experience. The tool doesn’t turn the soil like a spade or tiller – it just loosens it. This method also preserves the delicate soil ecosystem.

Grelinettes are often imitated, but nothing compares to the original. The aerofork, for example, is an aerodynamic version of the grelinette. The biowalk is also based on the grelinette, but it is more intended for composting. Finally, there is the biocultivator, or garden fork. If the grelinette can do all these jobs, it is multifunctional.

Why you need a grelinette for gardening or market gardening. A gardening tool, such as a grelinette, is necessary to grow your plants. You need to choose a gardening tool that suits your needs and your budget.

When you dig your garden, chances are you will end up with back pain. It is not uncommon for gardeners to suffer from back pain. It is difficult and counterproductive work that deprives the soil of its fertility.

And this is where the advantage of the Grelinette arrives, no need to force, the back remains straight, no more doubters!

grelinette benefits

What are the effects of digging the ground with a biospade?

To keep the soil in your garden fertile, you need to work with nature. Using a tiller destroys the soil life that maintains soil fertility, but using other methods, such as mulching and deep tillage, will help achieve good soil structure.

Using a tiller can make soil preparation easier and more efficient because you don’t have to dig by hand. However, this task is very physically demanding and the use of a tiller is certainly not going to help matters.

Additionally, if you use one, you risk burying the rich surface material, killing wildlife and bacteria accustomed to that area. Instead of using a tiller, you can turn the soil yourself, bringing it closer to its rotting stage so more aerobic organisms can grow.

Although you may have smelled an odor coming from your soil, it is possible that this odor is due to the compost decomposing into something rotten.

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