Home Builder Meaning – Definition, Synonyms, Idioms, and Example Sentences

If you are looking for the meaning of the word “home builder,” you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find its definition, synonyms, translations, idioms, and example sentences. You’ll also find some useful quotations related to the term. So, whether you’re looking for a definition of the word “home builder” or are looking for an idiom, here it is!
The term “home builder” refers to someone who constructs new homes or major remodeling projects. Generally, a home builder owns a residential construction business and specializes in a particular type of construction. However, the role of a home builder can be as broad as general contracting. Although this profession is labor-intensive, many home builders enjoy the process of constructing and renovating new homes. If you have a passion for construction and want to be a part of this industry, consider becoming a home builder.
Production builders are large, well-established companies that typically build only a few neighborhoods in a city. These companies tend to specialize in a particular neighborhood, and build dozens or hundreds of homes there. Each home they build follows a specific floor plan and feature list. These homes are built regardless of whether buyers are available. Some may have vacant homes for sale, but most have a model home that’s fully staged. The meaning of “home builder” depends on the context and purpose of your construction.

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