Knowing The Use of Recessed Access Doors

Access doors are installed anywhere in those establishments because of their importance, whether residential or commercial. Access doors have three functions that depend on what kind; some can provide access to spaces behind walls or ceilings, some have the function to conceal utilities, and some provide space that can store, organize, or insulate a specific spot.    

There are many kinds of access doors or panels, each having its design and function. Here are some varieties and different access doors and their uses:    

Kinds of Access Doors

  • General Purpose Access Panels – The most popular access door for commercial and residential use because of its remarkable features and aesthetics. They are mainly used for human entry when performing service maintenance.    
  • Fire-Rated Access Panels – These are access doors that are ideal for the issue of fire safety. This door can conceal flammable materials: electrical wires, HVAC properties, gas lines, and exhaust systems.    
  • Security Access Panels – This kind of access panel is good if you need and high level of security. This access panel is suitable for banks, schools, prisons, and other facilities that require a high level of protection.    
  • Duct Access Panels – Used to access ducts when performing duct repair, inspection, or maintenance. Duct access panels have a wide range of sizes that are perfect for your needs.    
  • Exterior Access Panels – If you want access to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing outside your home or building, exterior access panels are what you need. These are usually water-resistant to withstand heavy rain.    
  • Floor Hatch Access Panels – This access panel is what you need to access your house or building underground. Some of these access panels can also be fire-rated at the same time.    

Areas of Installation

  • Walls – Wall-installed access doors can serve several purposes. These doors give you access to plumbing, pipes, cables, crawl spaces, or storage spaces.    
  • Roofs – When you need access to a roof, you want it to be easy. Roof-installed access doors and roof hatches solve that problem. You may need to get onto a roof to access a swamp cooler or to reach other building equipment. This access panel is also applicable in residential applications to get to a roof patio.   
  • Ceilings – Access doors installed in ceilings can be doors or panels. These access doors help you get into crawl spaces or attics.    
  • Ducts – Installed access doors for ducts for cleaning and repair. Kitchen and laundry ducts are the most commonly accessed ducts.    

Recessed Access Doors

Recessed access doors are a type of General-purpose access door considered famous for their functionality. Recessed access doors are almost like the others that can give you access, concealing utility and providing space. But what makes this access door different from the others is that it is “recessed,” which means designed to hide the door panel.     

If you want a finish that is flawless and aesthetically pleasing, installing recessed general access doors will do the trick. You can install a recessed access door with materials such as acoustic tiles, ceramic tiles, and drywall; these give you the aesthetic you want for your home or building.    

Recessed access doors have many types in which several uses and designs will be changed or altered, like the mounting style, finish, durability, materials, fire resistance, hinge, latch, and many more. Here are some of the many kinds of recessed access doors:    

  • Drywall inlay recessed access doors    
  • Fire-resistant recessed access doors    
  • With and without flange access doors  
  • With mud-in flange access doors  
  • With standard bead flange access doors   
  • Recessed access doors with and without studs   
  • Access doors for drywall panels    
  • Access doors with gypsum panel    

Final Thoughts

Access panels are significant to your home or building as they have a variety of uses for the preservation of an establishment. Determining these many access doors is imperative to get the functionality and aesthetics you want in your home or building.    





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