Professional Squirrel Control or Vinegar, Coffee Grounds, and Aluminium Foil?

Are you tired of squirrels causing damage to your property and keeping you up at night? You may have heard of squirrel removal services or DIY squirrel control measures such as vinegar, coffee grinds, or aluminum foil. So do these techniques work, or do you need to contact someone for squirrel removal in Arlington, VA

Squirrels may appear innocuous and cute but they can cause havoc on your property. They can cause insulation damage, gnaw through electrical wiring, and create a lot of noise. You understandably want to discover a solution to keep them at bay. So, how effective are these do-it-yourself methods? 

  • Vinegar

Because of its strong odor, some people believe vinegar might dissuade squirrels. However, the efficacy of this strategy could be improved. While vinegar may repel some squirrels, it may not bother others. Furthermore, vinegar might harm your lawn and plants if applied too frequently.

  • Coffee Grains

The strong fragrance of coffee is thought to deter squirrels. However, there is little scientific data to back up this assertion. While coffee grounds may discourage some squirrels, they may have little effect on others. 

  • Aluminum Foil

Squirrels are readily startled by loud noises and rapid movements, and the reflective surface of aluminum foil can frighten them away. Wrap aluminum foil around the base of any trees or plants they may climb.

Why May Do-It-Yourself Methods Fail?

Natural repellents such as vinegar, coffee grinds, and aluminum foil can help keep squirrels away from specific places. They may be more failsafe but only function in certain conditions. Squirrels, for example, may relocate to another section of your yard or discover a means to avoid the repellent. 

The Advantages of Professional Squirrel Removal

When you employ a professional squirrel removal service, you can access their knowledge and experience. They can precisely assess the situation and develop a tailored solution to get rid of squirrels in your home or garden. 

  • Humane Extraction

Professional squirrel control organizations use humane methods to trap and remove squirrels from your property. They recognize the significance of treating animals with love and respect. 

  • Prevention

Professional squirrel control services will seal any access spots once the squirrels have been eliminated to prevent them from returning. This is an important stage in the procedure because squirrels are tenacious animals who will try to get back into your home. 

  • Mind-Blowing Silence

Hiring a skilled squirrel control service can help you relax. You will not have to worry about squirrels causing damage to your home or yard, nor will you have to deal with the stress of attempting to get rid of them on your own. 

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