Renovating Your Master Bedroom

You might’ve loved your master bedroom all those years ago when you first purchased your home. It was charming with its sandy beige carpet and pale, ocean-blue walls, but now the whole design has you feeling seasick. You need a change. If you’re serious about renovating your master bedroom, then here are some tips to help you get started.

Pre-Renovation Prep Work

The first step in the renovation process is researching ideas for what your new space should look like. A great place to start looking for design inspiration is Pinterest. You can modify your search by using keywords like colors, design styles, or even aesthetics that inspire you, and the site will show you images that are relevant to your search. This is a great way to discover what design elements you like and how you can blend them together to create a style that’s perfect for you.

Once you’ve discovered what direction you want to go in with your renovation, consider using interior design software to drag and drop the new paint and flooring, furniture, and decorative elements you want in your master bedroom. This way, you can see how the finished product will look and decide if all of the separate elements still work in your space when they’re paired together.

Keeping the Basics in Mind

The most important thing to remember when you’re designing your new monster bedroom is that this is a space where you will want to feel relaxed. You don’t want to use any crazy colors or cover the walls in too much decor, this will only make you feel overwhelmed as soon as you walk through the door. Consider working with a neutral color palette, selecting light beiges or greys and off-whites. You can add a pop of warmer tones here and there–burnt oranges and khaki greens–but keep in mind that the lighter your space, the more open it will feel.

You can add to the feeling of open space by increasing the amount of natural light that you let into your bedroom. The best way to do this is to install double curtain rod tracks over your windows. Having double tracks allows you to hang both sheer and room-darkening curtain panels. This way, you can protect your privacy while bathing your room in natural light, but you won’t be woken up early by the sun every morning. To enhance the natural light that comes into your bedroom, consider placing mirrors either directly across from windows or surrounding them. This will help the light bounce around and fill the room.

Another thing that will make your master bedroom feel more open is replacing your carpet with hardwood floors. The lines in the wood will help elongate the room by tricking your eyes. Switching to a hardwood floor will make your bedroom easier to clean and gives you more freedom in styling since you can add different rugs to help support your overall design.

Do Sweat the Small Stuff

There’s a reason why the saying “the devil is in the details” is so popular. Your decor choices truly can make or break the overall design of your master bedroom. It’s important that everything you choose–from furniture to art, to decorative pillows and throws–works well together. Now, this doesn’t mean that it all has to match, in fact, having perfectly matching decor can sometimes make a room feel too manufactured and not true to you. What’s important is balance and functionality.

Nearly every master bedroom will have, obviously, a bed and frame, nightstands, and some kind of dresser or wardrobe, but many people are choosing to add additional furniture if they have the space for it. A popular choice seems to be a plush chair in the corner of the room, sometimes accompanied by a tiny side table. The intent of this setup is to create a sort of nook where you can have a seat and sip your morning coffee while you scroll through your phone. If this is something you can genuinely see yourself doing, then add the chair. Otherwise, skip it. Filling your master bedroom with too much unnecessary furniture can cause it to feel cramped–and you don’t want that chair to just become a catch-all for unfolded laundry. A great additional furniture option, however, is a bedroom bench. This is simply a bench kept at the end of your bed. A great idea is to look for one that has plenty of storage, that way you can keep your throw pillows in there when you aren’t using them.

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