The Amazing History of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular table game in North American land-based casinos and a popular online offering. The reasons for its lasting success are quite obvious: it’s a simple game to learn, it provides the player a fighting chance against the house, and it offers basic and intricate techniques and tactics. A novice player can quickly learn the rules, develop some basic strategies, and give himself a chance to walk away from the table with a profit.

Blackjack is a well-known and widely played card game around the world and even in online casinos like, but when and where did it originate, and how did it evolve into the game that it is today? This is a brief history of Blackjack, including how and why it became one of the most popular games in casinos throughout the world.

The origin of blackjack is debatable

While it is largely accepted that Blackjack developed from a similar game known as twenty-one, the roots of twenty-one are somewhat controversial and obscure. Some historians suggest that a form of the game initially appeared during the Roman era, with wooden blocks used to signify the numbers involved, although this has never been proven.

Although there is no clear consensus, scholars believe that Blackjack most likely originated in French casinos in about 1700. This card game was known as Vingt-et-Un (or “twenty one”). These cards are most likely drawn from the popular card games Chemin de Fer and French Ferme at the period. During King Louis XV’s reign, the card game was largely played in the French Royal Court.

There is a hypothesis around Blackjack. According to legend, Blackjack was invented by the Romans. This game is thought to have been played by the Romans using wooden blocks with varying numbers. The hypothesis persists because Romans enjoyed gambling, although it is not completely proven.

Blackjack in the modern era

The first blackjack card counters came about 1950. Baldwin, Cantey, Maisel, and McDermott, four gamers, wrote “Playing Blackjack to Win” in 1957. Basic tactics for keeping track of the cards were covered in the book. Because the casinos did not give it the attention it required, Edward O. He wrote the book “Beat the Dealer” in 1962.

Even today, the book is regarded as the origin of card counting. The author was a mathematician who came up with a ten-count system. The method would begin with two numbers, followed by 16 and 36, which corresponded to the tens in the deck. When the game began, the author would count backward and divide the remaining card numbers by the number of tens that remained. When the game was played with a single deck, the system worked. Today, blackjack is played with many decks, making the technique extremely difficult to utilize.

Online blackjack is on the rise

Despite the casinos’ efforts to detect and prevent card counters, blackjack remains one of the most popular card games in Las Vegas and around the world. With the growth of the Internet, the new generation of blackjack has come here. Online casinos offer both the classic version of the game and a wide variety of games with varying rules and features.

Online blackjack card counting is nearly difficult. Even though there are 6 to 8 card decks, they are shuffled after each hand. Computer technology does this in a fraction of a second. This has also resulted in single deck games that have not been played for decades due to card counting.


The fundamentals of blackjack are the same regardless of the version you choose to play. Overall, blackjack remains a popular game that you should try if you haven’t before. If you wish to play at an online real money casino, blackjack is a rewarding low-cost game.

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