What choices do landlords have if a tenant refuses to vacate after a Section 21 notice has expired?

Have you left the section 21 notice at your tenant’s door seeking to reclaim the possession of your property? You may wish to repossess your property for moving back to the property yourself or you may have decided to sell it for good profit or other reasons too. But after giving this appropriate notice your tenant may not move out and the section 21 notice would also have expired by this time and it may wear your patience out. If a tenant remains on the property after getting a section 21 notice, you can legally take an action by seeking a court order and have them removed from the property.

As a landlord, you may require assistance to handle all the rental property-related matters and for that, you can get help from the letting agents in Brighton. But what other choices do you have to vacate the tenant if the section 21 notice has expired?

What is section 21? 

If you want to vacate a tenant you just cannot hand out the keys to them and ask them to move out of the property. You have to offer them a notice period and then get a court order if they are refusing to leave. This is where section 21 comes into the picture. It is a written communication which a landlord sends to a tenant asking them to evict the property.

As a landlord, you can use section 21 to evict tenants in a shorthold tenancy agreement or periodic tenancy. Even if the tenants have not broken any terms of the tenancy, you can use section 21 to evict them from the property legally. That is why section 21 is also known as no-fault evictions.

If the tenant refuses to leave the property after the notice period of section 21 ends then you can seek a court order to remove them from the property. In court, a judge will decide whether section 21 is issued correctly or not and if the possession order is given, the tenant has to leave the property within a set date. If they don’t leave then the court also can send bailiffs to remove them from the rental property.

 What can landlords do if a tenant is not vacating? 

1. Go to the court 

You can seek assistance from the court to vacate the tenant through a bailiff and the benefit of this arrangement is that you will be able to get a good sales price if you wish to sell the property when it becomes vacant. It also works during situations such as if the tenant stays in the property but stops paying the rent after you asked them to vacate the property.

2. Talk with the tenant 

One of the best ways to vacate an unwilling tenant is to talk with them to come to a peaceful agreement. The problem can be solved without going to court and it will be in everyone’s best interest. As a result, you can enjoy the advantage of renting the property to another great tenant or selling it for a good cost after the previous tenant vacates. But take care to follow all the landlord regulations properly because the tenant may use their rights to take the matters to court and make the situation worse.

If you need any help understanding landlord and tenant rights, you can get in touch with the letting agents near you. They will aid you to handle the tenant situation with care and also experience a smooth process in vacating the tenant.

3. Call expert negotiators

You can hire expert in-house legal advisors to negotiate and talk with the tenants on your behalf. They will also help you and the tenant to come to a peaceful agreement and guide you to deal with the situation legally so there are no legal issues.

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