Why do expats choose to live in Gozo


Gozo is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is a part of the Maltese archipelago also. It is situated to the northwest side of the larger island of Malta. Gozo is a popular tourist destination because of its breath taking beaches, historical sites, and traditional villages. The population of this place is almost around 37,000. Gozo is well renounced because of its scenic beauty and the famous Azure Window rock formation. The stunning Blue Lagoon is another centre of attraction.

If you are thinking of settling here then we can find property for sale in Gozo for you. The island has to offer you a rich cultural along with a great historical heritage. You can enjoy a verity of ancient sites and landmarks including the Ggantija Temple. You also can enjoy the beauty of one of the oldest free standing structure of the world which dates back over 5,000 years approximately. Why experts choose to live in Gozo is described below:

Higher Quality of life:

Gozo is well known for the relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. Here the locals bonded with a strong sense of community. The pace of life out here is actually slower than many other places in Europe. This living sense feels to be very appealing to people who actually prioritize work and life balance. The people of Gozo value a peaceful and stress free life to enjoy.

Breathtaking Natural beauty:

Gozo is home to stunning natural scenery for sure. Te stunning beauty of nature includes picturesque beaches, rugged coastline, and rolling countryside. This island has many historical places to enjoy. Local peoples of this place loves to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and diving. If you like surfing and scuba diving then Gozo will be the perfect place for you to live without a doubt. It can be an ideal location for nature lovers.

Enrich Culture and history:

Gozo contains a rich cultural and historical heritage from the beginning. This place is filled with many ancient sites and historical landmarks. The oldest temples accurately reflect this island’s long and varied history. It can be the perfect place for people who are interested in history. If you love cultural tourism you would love this place for sure.

 Cost of living:

If you want to live a cost effective life you can choose Gozo. This place is very budget friendly to live in compare to many other places in Europe without any question. Gozo is relatively very much affordable to live in but the quality of life almost same as other parts of Europe along with lower housing costs and a lower cost of living overall. This works as the attraction to the people who are looking to stretch their budget further or enjoy a more affordable lifestyle.

Proximity to Malta:

Gozo is actually a part of the Maltese archipelago. It is stunningly located just a short ferry ride away from Malta. That’s why this place offers you to access a wider range of amenities and opportunities without a doubt. So it is highly beneficial for you if the intention of yours to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can enjoy more laid back lifestyle on Gozo along with the options to visit the more bustling and cosmopolitan Malta whenever you desired to do so.

Ending speech:

Overall we can say that if you have an interest to live in Gozo then you should search https://www.propertymarket.com.mt/gozo. Then you should live your life the fullest and enjoy your living. If you have any further question you can contact us. We will be waiting for you. Thank you for staying with us.

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